Jones Learning Center Staff

It takes more than a good concept to make a program also takes good people!

The Jones Learning Center is staffed by individuals who care deeply about their students, and who have made it their mission to see each student succeed. Their personal investment in your success is just one of the things that makes the Jones Learning Center a truly unique program in the world of higher education.

JLC Administrators

Julia Frost, Director

Julia Frost
Dody Pelts, Assistant Director

Dody Pelts
Assistant Director

Program Coordinators

Living and Learning Community Staff

Betty Stockton, Coordinator of Autism Spectrum Disorder Services

Betty Stockton
Coordinator of Autism Spectrum Disorder Services


Learning Disabilities Assistants

Auxiliary Services

Additional JLC Staff

Lisa Gruben-Inness

Lisa Gruben-Inness
Office Manager
Hunter Jackson

Hunter Jackson
Tricia Meek

Tricia Meek
Testing Coordinator