Tuition & Fees

In planning for your college education, we believe that it is important to understand what your total cost will be. Expenses listed below are for the 2014-2015 academic year. Keep in mind, however, that your actual out-of-pocket costs will be determined by the amount of financial aid you receive. To learn more, refer to the Financial Aid & Scholarships section of our website.

  Per Year Per Semester
Tuition (12-17 hours) $23,750 $11,875
Student Activity Fee (9 hours & above) $100 $50
Student Media Fee (9 hours & above) $100 $50
Computer and Technology Resource Fee (9 hours & above) $400 $200
Room: King, Smith, MacLean Hall
Private Room Surcharge (double room used as a single)
Regular Board
   19 meal plan w/$50 declining cash balance
or 15 meal plan w/$100 declining cash balance
or 10 meal plan w/$150 declining cash balance*
or 160-meal block plan w/$150 declining cash balance**
$3,800 $1,900
Apts: Bagwell-Jones, Cary-Wortz, Mabee, North Street, Trustee $3,550 $1,775
Apartment Board: 7 meal plan w/$150 declining cash balance $3,200 $1,600
Campus Post Office Box $10 $40
Residence Hall Activity Fee $80 $40
Jones Learning Center Fee $22,900 $11,450
Total Minimum Cost - Off Campus (Regular Program)
Communte (Excluding PO Box and R.H. Activity Fee)
$24,350 $12,175
Total Minimum Cost - On Campus (Regular Program)
ONLY King, Smith, and MacLean
$31,440 $15,720
Total Minimum Cost - On Campus (Jones Learning Center Program)
ONLY King, Smith, and MacLean
$54,340 $27,170
Tuition per Semester Hour and In Excess of 17 Hours
Regular Program

* not available for first-time entering freshman

** only available to sophomores, juniors and seniors

University of the Ozarks offers a 'TuitionPay monthly plan,' administered by HigherOne. For more information visit or call 1-800-635-0120 .