Tuition & Fees

In planning for your college education, we believe that it is important to understand what your total cost will be. Expenses listed below are for the 2013-2014 academic year. Keep in mind, however, that your actual out-of-pocket costs will be determined by the amount of financial aid you receive. To learn more, refer to the Financial Aid & Scholarships section of our website.

  Per Year Per Semester
Tuition (12-17 hours) $23,750 $11,875
Student Activity Fee 2 $100 $50
Student Media Fee 2 $100 $50
Computer and Technology Resource Fee 2 $400 $200
Room: King, Smith, MacLean Hall
Private Room Surcharge (double room used as a single)
Regular Board 1 $3,700 $1,850
Room: Bagwell-Jones, Cary-Wortz, Mabee, Trustee Hall and North Street Apartments $3,550 $1,775
Apartment Board 1 $3100 $1,550
Residence Hall/Apartment Activity Fee $80 $40
Campus Post Office Box $10 $5
Total Minimum Cost (Off Campus) $24,350 $12,175
Total Minimum Cost (On Campus) $31,340 $15,760

Jones Learning Center Services

Students who enroll in the enhanced program offered through the Jones Learning Center will incur the following costs in addition to those listed above.

  Per Year Per Semester
Jones Learning Center Services (in addition to tuition, room, and board fees shows above) $22,900 $11,450


On occasion, there may be an additional fee required for specific classes. A student will be notified at the beginning of the semester should one be required for class.


1 Students living on campus will be offered various meal plans based on academic classification and housing assignment. Refer to the information on meal plans for full details.

2 This fee is assessed for students enrolled for nine (9) or more credit hours in a semester.

3 To hold a place in the incoming class, new students must make a deposit of $100 (or $200 for Jones Learning Center applicants) by May 1st or within thirty days after admission, whichever is later.  This deposit, refundable upon written request until May 1, applies to the first semester's tuition and will be refunded after registration for students with a full financial aid package.

4 This fee is for one half-hour lesson each week in one area (voice, piano, or organ). Students desiring a one-hour lesson each week in a single area will be charged $425. Those desiring lessons in more than one area will be charged $275 for each half-hour lesson in each area and $425 for each one-hour lesson.

5 A one-time housing deposit is due by June 1st or within 30 days of admission, whichever is later and must be paid before initial room assignments are made. The deposit will be refunded when the student leaves Ozarks or moves off campus, assuming there is no damage to the room beyond normal wear and tear.

The university reserves the right to revise these expenses at the beginning of any semester or summer term.