There are many reasons a person might choose to study religion, and many reasons why a person might choose to study philosophy.

For some though, these two subjects go hand-in-hand. They see religion and philosopy as being so deeply intertwined, that there seems to be little purpose in studying one without studying the other.

For those who want to clarify their own religious faith, those who want to explore the fundamental questions of human existence, or those who want to contemplate the roles of faith and reason in human experience, the study of religion and philosophy together may, in fact, help them find the understanding they are searching for.

Are you one of the people who thinks about faith and human existence? Then just maybe, with the Ozarks Religion and Philosophy program, you've found a place where you can continue your own search for understanding. You'll be encouraged to look inward - to think about the role faith plays in your own life. But you'll also learn to think critically about the deeper meanings to be found in the works of others, and in the process, gain a richer understanding of what it means to be "human."

Seek, and ye shall find.