Fifty or so years ago, radio was king, and television was in its infancy. Live television broadcasts were rare, and the analog signals that went out were in black and white.

How things have changed! Movies stream on demand over the internet, and television screens are large realistic color displays that are even beginning to move into the world of 3D. The world of media is a fast-paced, fast-evolving one.

Is it one you want to be a part of?

Here at Ozarks, you can learn the skills you need to make your way in this world of new media.

You'll learn to work in reporter/photographer/producer teams with an emphasis on the "one-man-band" model in which the individual "backpack" journalist shoots, writes, and edits and then delivers the media in multiple formats on a tight deadline. Our work stretches beyond the the studio and into the field!

You'll have the chance to produce your own radio program to air on the campus radio station. You'll have a chance to crew a wide range of multiple-camera field and studio programs and even have the opportunity to develop your own program to air on the campus television station. If you want to grab a camera and go report on a breaking story, you can. If you have a creative idea for a television show, bit, or movie, we'll show you how to write a production proposal and take the proposal from concept to a deliverable product.

Through this approach, you'll be given the knowledge, tools and platform to work at a professional level even before you graduate.

This program is a vibrant and growing major which offers possibilities as diverse as the students who are in it. Join us and make your own mark in the evolving world of media!