Cost of Attendance

In planning for your college education, we believe that it is important to understand what your total cost will be. Expenses listed below are for the 2016-2017 academic year. Keep in mind that your out-of-pocket costs will be determined by the amount of financial aid you receive.

University of the Ozarks is committed to providing exceptional value at an affordable cost.


  Per Year Per Semester
Tuition (12-17 hours) $23,750 $11,875
Room: Traditional Residence Halls (King, Smith, MacLean)
Private Room Surcharge (double room used as a single)
Room:  Suite Style Apartments (Bagwell-Jones, Cary-Wortz, Mabee, Trustee); North Street Apartments $3,550 $1,775
Board:  One of these meal plan options.

  • 19 meal plan w/$50 declining cash balance
  • 15 meal plan w/$100 declining cash balance
  • 10 meal plan w/$150 declining cash balance*
  • 160-meal block plan w/$150 declining cash balance**
$3,900 $1,950
(No meal plan is required for students in North Street Apartments.  However, they can choose from a meal plan above, or purchase one of the Commuter Meal Plans.)

Jones Learning Center Fee

$22,900 $11,450
Total Minimum Cost - Off Campus (Regular Program)

$23,750 $11,875
Total Minimum Cost - On Campus (Regular Program)
ONLY King, Smith, and MacLean

$30,850 $15,425
Total Minimum Cost - On Campus (Jones Learning Center Program)
ONLY King, Smith, and MacLean

$53,750 $26,875
Tuition per Semester Hour and In Excess of 17 Hours
Regular Program

* not available for first-time entering freshman

** only available to sophomores, juniors and seniors

University of the Ozarks offers a 'TuitionPay' monthly plan, administered by Higher One. For more information visit or call 1-800-635-0120.

Updated 3/14/2016.